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Special Oolong Feng Huang Phoenix Dan Cong


Oolong Tea
Water volume:
95 °C

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Feng Huang Dan Cong is a unique tea come from 'Feng Huang' mountain in Guangdong Province that is named after the legendary phoenix. Humid weather combined with cool, high-altitude temperatures and very fertile soil results in one of China’s most famous dark oolongs. For too long Dancong oolongs have been in the shadow of the famous Wuyishan Da Hong Pao. That’s changing, in China this tea is rinsing as a phoenix reborn from the ashes.  

Characterized with a pleasant aroma of sweet ripen fruits such as peach or baked sweet potato, accented with honey and a deep, woody yet floral undertone. The tea leaves are large and stalky. The color is that of a dark brown with a slight hint of red. Once brewed, the liquid is a clear golden color. The aroma evokes the fragrance of orchids. The taste and texture are earthy and smooth.

An exeptionally long brown-green leave curled into loose spirals, in the cup it produces a sparkling orange brew with a honeyed taste and a strong scent of orchid flowers. Dan Cong Oolong Tea is known for its complex production methods. Meaning "single tea tree" in Chinese, Dan Cong Oolong Tea is made of the tea leaves coming from the same tea tree, and method of tea making needs to be adjusted according to different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thus, it is difficult to make this kind of tea in bulk.

How Fenghuang Dancong tea is made

After the leaves are picked, they will go through 6 processes: sunlight drying, airing, room temperature oxidation, high temperature oxidation & stabilizing, rolling, machine drying. The most important being the manual oxidation, it involves repeated actions of stirring tea leaves in a bamboo sift. Any negligence or inexperienced worker could downgrade the tea to Langcai or Shuixian.

After harvesting and picking the Dan Cong Oolong Tea, it will undergo 20 hours’ process of withering, rolling, fermentation and repeated baking. The best Dan Cong Oolong Tea tastes sweet with a strong aroma.

Oolong Tea |Guangdong Province| Semi-fermentation | Spring and Summer

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