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Organic Black Tea Fannings China Teas


Type: Black Tea

Shape: Broken Leaf

Standard: BIO

Weight: 5G

Water volume: 350ML

Temperature: 95-100 °C


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Fannings are small particles of tea that are removed from higher broken leaf grades of tea. Fannings with extremely small particles are graded as Dust. The fannings of higher grade teas can be more flavorful than whole leave teas. These grades are also used in tea bags.
Black teas are produced by subjecting the freshly plucked leaves of Camellia sinensis to a process of withering, rolling, and drying. This processing oxidizes the leaf and allows many unique aroma and flavor elements to form. Black teas can be malty, floral, biscuity, smoky, brisk, fragrant, and full-bodied. The robustness of black tea lends itself to the addition of sugar, honey, lemon, cream, and milk. While black teas have more caffeine than green or white teas, they still have less than you would get in a cup of coffee.

Tea grading is based on the size of the leaf and the types of leaves included in the tea. Though leaf size is an important quality factor, it is not, by itself, a guarantee of quality. There are typically 4 main grades, based on flush, leaf size, and method of processing. They are Orange Pekoe (OP), Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP), fannings, and dustings.
Fannings are finely-broken pieces of tea leaf that still have a coarse texture. This type of tea grade is used in teabags. They are the smallest pieces of tea that are left over as the higher grades of teas are gathered to be sold. Fannings are also the rejects from the manufacturing process of making a higher quality of tea.
They are highly popular in India and other parts of southern Asia due to its strong brew. In order to brew fannings, the infuser is used due to its smaller size of leaves.
Black tea fannings are made from smaller, flat pieces of broken orange pekoe and used to make quick-brewing, strongly flavored, robust teas with good color.

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