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Oolong Black Tea China Red Oolong


Oolong Tea
Water volume:
95 °C

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Red Oolong Tea (Hong wu long) is growing in Hsinchu County. Due to high fermentation level 85%, is coming out liquor with high-potassium level – and it helps heart to work properly, high- iodine level, which exercises a salutary influence over thyroid gland and high – pectin level, which heals wounds. Red oolong is very useful for people with high blood-pressure as it strengthens blood vessels and normalize blood pressure. Red oolong possesses high diuretic effect and remove toxins from the body. Red tea couldn't irritate mucous membrane and it is recommended for the persons with breach in alimentary canal. In red oolongs combine all best features of green and black tea.

Red oolong means undergoes heavy oxidation at around 90%, so it falls into a category of oolong teas that treads a fine line between an oolong and a light black tea. It is always difficult to classify such teas and to decide whether they should be included in black or oolong tea categories. However, since this particular tea is made from a cultivar that is normally used for oolongs and as it follows the method of production closer to an oolong tea, it was more apt to classify it as an oolong.

A sip of this tea will reveal hints of tangy stone fruits notes (peach, cherry) with dominant hints of vanilla and honey. Due to its deeply oxidised character, this tea is it is ideal for further aging; like all great oolongs, this tea reinfuses with ease, this is a tea which combines all best features of green and black tea.

Red Oolong offers a smooth, balanced, mildly sweet, rich but not quite bold flavor profile, with elements of fruit compote, pumpkin pie, and a hint of dried flowers. It unrolls many layers throughout the cup that include biscuit, warm bread, honeysuckle, wildflower honey, cocoa, apricot, and a hint of lychee.

Oolong Tea |Taiwan | Semi-fermentation | Spring and Summer

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