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Yunnan Puerh Tea Buds Ya Bao


Dark Tea
Water volume:
90 °C

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Yabao come from the old tea trees, picked from compact winter buds, young Yabao is light in body but wonderfully nuanced, unlike any other teas, the buds are picked from ancient tea trees in middle to late winter when the bud is still tightly compacted and encased in a protective shell as it awaits spring, this particular Yabao is composed of very large buds that have not begun to open yet and allowed to sun dry completely without any other processing.

It has none of the earthy qualities of pu’er, the flavor is fresh and a little fruity somewhat similiar to a good white tea but more complex flavors. The brewed liquor is whitish and clear, and there is a hint of fresh pine needles in the aroma.

The taste is incredibly rich — filled with notes of pinewood, dried fruits, and berries. The aroma is that of a fresh forest. The brew — thick, viscous, and rich. 

The dry leaves of this Ya Bao Silver Buds white tea have an unusual appearance of whole small buds and a woody and earthy aroma. When brewed, this tea produces a light and bright liquor with a very faint colour. The taste, however, is surprisingly complex. There are prominent woody and earthy notes with hints of pine and hops on the palate. This is a satisfying cup of tea that has a mouth watering effect and a long lasting slightly fruity and sweet finish.

We suggest brewing at 90°C for 3-4 minutes according to your taste. It can be brewed more than 3 times depending on your preference


Puerhtea | Yunnan | After fermentation | Spring, Summer and Autumn

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