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Special Green Tea Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo Tea


Green Tea
Water volume:
85 °C

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Zhu Ye Qing is a bud-plucked High Mountain Green Tea tea, with a smooth sparrow tongueshape and tiny side leaves, glossy green in color. It means "Green Bamboo Leaf", a tribute to the teas clear liquor and full of life green tea leaves that seemingly dance in the water when infused. The Bamboo Leaf Green Tea comes from Mount Emei, the grown environment are over 1500 meters above the sea level and covered by thick fog, and heavy mist for most of the year!

The nourishing moisture and the soil contribute to the good quality of zhuyeqing tea. Zhu Ye Qing is one of the earliest teas plucked each spring. With small yield and good quality, Zhu Ye Qing is therefore rare, desirable and pricey. The appearance of this famous Chinese green tea is beautiful and consists of young tea buds. Theyre tiny, slim, flat and slightly curved, like baby bamboo leaves.

The infusion of its glossy leaves exudes a heady vegetal (snow pea) and floral bouquet.

Lively and full, the delicate green liquor boasts a lively bite and generous tannins that provide body. Its texture is dense and is embellished with rich notes of sunflower seeds.

This tea is high in tannins which give it a penetrating vegetal aroma and a strong "umami" flavor which coats the mouth and throat, these leaves are best brewed in a clear glass or chahai which shows off the tendency of the leaves to line up vertically, some floating at the surface and others sinking to the bottom.

The liquor has an attractive yellow colour with good clarity and a mild aroma. The taste is complex and smooth with a thick mouthfeel. There are creamy, vegetal and herbaceous notes of buttered asparagus with a sweetness present throughout. The aftertaste is very clean and there is minimal dryness or astringency.

It is best brewed at 80°C for about 1-2 minutes according to your taste and can be brewed multiple times. Due to delicate nature we suggest using good quality spring water to get the best out of this tea. Brew in a tall clear glass to see the leaves dance vertically at the bottom and top of the glass!

Green tea | Sichuan | Nonfermentation | Spring, Summer and Autumn

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