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CHANGSHA GOODTEA CO., LTD was established by the co-founders, after the systematic study of the tea major in Hunan Agricultural University and the accumulation of decades of experience in major tea export companies in China, the co-founders established GOODTEA CO.,now the company team including every employee are taking tea as the whole life’s interest and career.

Our head office is located in Changsha,the capital of Hunan Province,where is the main original place of premier quality of Chinese teas.
Our products are mainly distributing in Europe, Russian & CIS ,North American, Middle East, Africa markets...
The expansive pre-treatment and re-fining production plantation of ours are located in Yunnan,Hunan,Zhejiang and Fujian provinces,the plants are certified by HACCP,IS09000.
We also have over hundreds of hectares tea gardens certified by Rainforest Alliance & Organic.  
Our tea tasters were gained the professionally tea knowledge and experience, who were taste numerous samples from the whole tea varieties, to matching sample precisely from tea body, cup water color,tea aroma, tasting and after-brewed tea leaves.
Our professional team have had the experience and skill to developing and satisfying the tea blends for tailor-made products, no matter in what kind of package form, which including paper box, paper bag, sack bag and woven bag for the bulk products or the pyramid tea-bag, square tea-bag, round tea-bag, every kind of box and tin for the small packages, in the mean while, we will provide the related OEM service.
Warmly welcome every client to visit us to establish the long-term and stable business relationship !


Honesty and integrity—the
cornerstones of our reputation and
the basis of our longevity



- Four years structured studied in tea major at Hunan Agricultural University.

- Highest Tea tasters training during working at Hunan Agricultural University.

- Experienced palates with decades of knowledge and expertise,communicating with global Senior tea tasters to gain different market requirements experience.

- Precise and consistent quality control practices, sampling our teas against control and variable conditions to accurately assess the objective value of each tea.

- Careful monitoring of new developments at origin, and the ability to support higher quality standards and development of new offerings at the garden level.

- Updating pesticide, microbe,heavy mental ..newest rule, ensure each batch goods to satisfy with sale market changable  year by year.

We offer several packaging options ranging from bulk to individually designed retail packaging.

Order Process

- Receive inquiry.
- Confirming trade sample from present tea season and garden & warehouse matching quality.
- Studying client demands on pesticide,heavy metal ,Microbe,confirming price, delivery time, payment terms, signing contract.
- inspection before big production,Frequent microbiological checks,A validated cleaning and line-clearance step,An allergen handling and segregation process,Sealed strength test for all packaged products.
- Big production: Lab tasters and factory QA manager is responsbile for All blended and packaged products tasted against approved controls,sampling each 15 mints when big production. Signed by QA after pack Each batch goods with shipment sample as record in Lab for future.
- Feedback from clients received cargo: comments from trade sample, shipment cargo aganist approved trade sample ,packing, delivery time, service. Tasters preserve record for repeat order. Assured repeat order stable or better than past.


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